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Humidor, much like it's name, provides a whisper of scent of a cedar-lined humidor stocked with fine cigars This oil has a warm, intoxicating blend of tobacco flower, wood and vanilla.

Ubermint oil provides a fresh, energizing blend of mint, ravensara, and clove.


Refreshing yet subtle.

 Bay Rum is a classic cologne scent that originates from the West Indies based on the spicy essential oil of the West Indian Bay Tree, fresh citrus notes of bergamot and sweet essence of clove. 


A sexy blend of spicy notes.


More and more men are realizing the benefits of taking care of their skin and hair.  Beards have made a comeback and with that men have started to allow themselves the simple luxuries of quality products like beard oil and shave cream rich in essential oils and natural ingredients that provide nutrients to the skin and help hold onto hydration....thus maintaining a more youthful appearance.

Health and well being are the primary reasons more gentlemen are choosing more carefully when considering personal hygiene. Maintaining one's skin and really increasing one's personal hygiene effort also means improved hydration....and therefore, less likelihood of aging prematurely.

A shave lotion that that can be applied with your hands or with a brush to create a gentle foam.  Shave has a silky smooth texture that provides great glide and won't dull razors.  The sweet, woodsy scent of essential oils creates a top notch grooming experience.


Follow with a soothing aftershave that uses tea tree hydrosol, aloe vera and witch hazel to calm, purify and close up pores after shaving. The natural antiseptic and astringent properties of these ingredients are ideal for preventing ingrown hairs and irritation. Peppered with the spicy scent of bay rum.

Muskoka beard oil is a blend of organic argan and hemp oils with the essential oils of Canadian fir, cedarwood, and juniper. Regardless of where you are, when you use this beard oil you will be transported to a hammock in the woods or a sunny day on the slopes. Makes beard soft and smooth and keeps skin healthy underneath.


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