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Fashion Accessories

The Zipster and Side Zip are sisters of a sort.  The same size bag, just turned to give you the option of either having a purse with more depth or one with more width.


Each of these bags has a pocket on the outside and two more on the inside.  They both provide the wide, adjustable shoulder strap.


Price:  $69.00


Prices are subject to HST

The Zipster Jr. is the "Goldilocks Find" of these handbags!  If you like the Zip Baby but find it too small, and like the Zipster or Side Zip but find them a bit to big, then this one's just right!


It has the outside pocket like the others for those items you need quick and easy access to, and additional two pockets inside to keep certain things in their place, along with the main purse compartment, of course.


Price:  $49.00


Price is subject to HST


Zip Baby handbags are fabulous for people who love to travel and want something small for outings, great for people who have decided they want to carry less (or already do), or a great gift for a pre-teen, teen or someone who I described in the first two points.



Price:  $38.00


Price is subject to HST


The Girly Bag is ideal for the lady on the go!  You are the kind of woman who needs some organized areas in your bag!  You like having pockets specific to make life easier when you need to find something.  You don't want a little bag because you carry your life in there.


Price:   $75.00


Price is subject to HST

Meet MOOV , the official jet-setter nail lacquer that protects against UV radiation. Ethical values combined with a global-inspired colour palette.  

These revolutionary formulas are CRUELTY-FREE, VEGAN and 7 FREE, formulated without parabens, phthalates, toluene, xylene, camphor, formaldehyde, resin, and animals. 


MOOV's creamy texture goes on smooth and stays put through wear and tear.  Made by jet-setters, inspired by travel, and creating good karma along the way. 


Additionally, Moov uses a 100% vegan brush!

Colours available (Listed from Top shelf to bottom - left to right in picture)  

Top Shelf:  Canadian Wildberries (Purple), Deep Creek (Maroon), True North (Red), Tofino Springs (Indigo Blue), Niagara Noir (Black)

Second from Top Shelf:  Coral Reef (Coral), I Do (Pale Pink), Lunching in Yorkdale (Pink) Flower Girl Kisses (Fuschia), Upon A Lilac Sea (Lilac), 

Third from Top Shelf:  Double Double (Light Tan), On One Knee (Beige), Blue Sky Weddings (Sky Blue), Mint Cupcakes (Mint Green)

Bottom Shelf:  Garlic Base Coat, Prime and Top Coat, White Lights (White), Lace Camisole (Pale Tan), Blush Bouquet (Peachy/Light Coral)


Moov Nail Polishes:  $14.99 each 


Prices are subject to HST

Echoes In The Attic Handbags


The company was started by a breast cancer survivor and her friend/woman who taught her to sew while she was going through it all.  The two ladies decided to create a way to turn the discards of life into something useful, so they contacted furniture manufacturers and have since been repurposing the fabric remnants into these gorgeous, functional bags!  As of this point the ladies have successfully diverted over 80 tonnes of textiles away from landfill!  That's remarkable!  And they are still going strong!


Below you will see images of the in-stock handbags we have available.  We will do our best to keep the images up to date, but because these handbags are one-of-a-kind and one-of-a-few, if we have not had an opportunity to update the site immediately we will notifiy you as soon as possible if the bag you select is no longer available.  Thank you for your understanding.



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