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Corpa Flora has additionally formulated

Antidotes 1,2 and 3 to address very specific needs.


 Whether your goal is Firming, Anti-Aging or

Redness Relief, there is an Antidote that's right for you.



Corpa Flora Beauty Divine Cleansing Oil:  $39.99

Corpa Flora Grenadine Day Serum:  $43.99

Corpa Flora Eclat Citrouille Night Serum:  $43.99

Corpa Flora Rock 'N Rose Facial Exfolliant Powder:  $27.99


Corpa Flora Antidote 1 - Firming:  $59.99

Corpa Flora Antidote 2 - Vitality (Retinol Expression):  $85.99

Corpa Flora Antidote 3 - Redness Relief:  $72.99

Corpa Flora Caviar Rouge - Face Mask:  $46.99


Corpa Flora Nutritive - Body Oil:  $43.99



All prices are subject to HST.

This line of oil-based skin care was formulated by a former breast cancer researcher who also holds a food science degree.  The products are all made using Omega Oils and Vitamins to penetrate the dermis and epidermis of the skin and feed the cell membrane to better hold onto your hydration!


None of the products use water as a filler, so when you purchase these products you are getting a highly concentrated blend of healthy oils and beneficial vitamins.

Winner of


The 2014 Canadian Beauty Innovation Award


The 2015 Clean Beauty Award.


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