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What's In Store... a journey

We strive to be so much more than just another eco-friendly retailer.  The products on our shelves are the result of searching and researching, testing and discussing our customers' needs.  

In searching for new products we try to find other business owners who share our passion for safer ingredients and high standards for quality. We look for cruelty-free products and work very hard to ensure that the products we carry are made of the safest ingredients. The majority of our product lines are Canadian made.  

What's In Store's mandate has always been that the products we carry have to be safe enough for me to use in my home and around my children.  I'm so happy that now that my children have grown I can take comfort in the fact that they have been raised without exposure to the thousands of chemicals that so many mainstream products contain.



What's In Store didn't start out as a green store at all!  When the original idea of What's In Store started in 2007. It was a simple idea based on the fact that people today seem to work longer hours, work farther from their homes, already spend too much time on their computers and not enough time on their relationships. I figured that if I could do the legwork for these people they would be able to reduce stress and get more enjoyment out of their "free" time.  So I spent time sourcing the perfect gift at a better price.

In the second half of the first year I started learning about the chemicals used in so many of the products that we use every day. I started to become more and more educated about the potential damage to our health and the environment that we all become a part of and don't necessarily even realize until it has become a habit that is hard to break. I knew that there had to be alternatives that we could choose. I also felt that I couldn't be the only one who didn't realize there were over 80,000 chemicals in my day-to-day products! So, I set out to find products that were not laden with scary chemicals, that still met the requirements of effectiveness and preferably were made in Canada. This task was exciting and gave me a sense of doing something worthwhile...not just selling other people's stuff!

I'm so glad to say that I have found many wonderful companies run by people who are doing something they believe in, proud of what they do and are truly interested in the well being of all.

The goal for What's In Store is to provide a central place where those who do not have the time to do their own research can gain comfort in the fact that I have worked very hard (with wonderful success) to put into place affiliations with companies that care, want to make quality products and still respect health and environmental issues.

I hope that my small efforts to become the place that is "making it easy to be part of the solution" can bring reduced stress, while bringing joy and well being to those it reaches.


Christine McKague, Owner
What's In Store




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